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The National Hellenic Society is a proud association of visionary Greek American leaders dedicated to celebrating, preserving, and promoting our rich heritage with an emphasis on the next generation. Our innovative programs engage, lift, and inspire our members, families, and communities.

Our Mission

The National Hellenic Society was established by a group of dedicated Greek Americans each a leader in their respective fields. The members of The National Hellenic Society have demonstrated the values and ideals that the National Hellenic Society espouses: service to our fellow citizens, the communities we live in and our nation.

The National Hellenic Society’s purpose and interest is the perpetuation of those values and ideals that are embodied within the Hellenic heritage—classical ideas associated with ancient Greek democracy including the pursuit of knowledge, education, the arts and civic responsibility.

The National Hellenic Society has been incorporated under the laws of the state of Delaware as a non-profit, non-stock, tax-exempt entity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The National Hellenic Society’s focus is on the promotion of Hellenic heritage and the furtherance of Hellenic ideas through the sponsorship of scientific, educational and charitable programs. The National Hellenic Society coordinates its activities and provides financial support to other tax-exempt organizations sharing common goals.

The Society actively will support programs sponsored by universities, colleges and educational institutions throughout the U.S. that demonstrate a common interest in preserving, promoting and enjoying for posterity, education, the sciences, arts, music, culture, history, philosophy, democracy and related legacies derived from and through the ancient Hellenic era to the present.

Through the support of programs that foster the preservation of the Hellenic heritage in the United States, The National Hellenic Society strives to be a beacon for the promotion, understanding and appreciation of the Hellenic heritage in the United States, and pass on the stewardship of Greek heritage and shared democratic values and ideals to the next generation.

Our Story

NHS Cheat Sheet

For public view upon request, the prior three filed, Non profit 990 tax returns and IRS from 2023 are available upon request by contacting NHS headquarters.


In addition the NHS Audited Financial statements from past years are available to NHS members only in the members section of the website,

In order to access these statements, you must register as a member of the site.  If you have any issues doing so, please contact our webmaster at stephanie@hellenicsociety,org for assistance.

Corporate Governance

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The National Hellenic Society's network of Greek Americans spreads across the entirety of the United States and membership is organized by region.  Currently, the NHS operates chapters throughout seven regions, which are listed below.

  • Northeast Region

    • Boston

    • Washington, DC

    • Philadelphia & Wilmington

    • New York & New Jersey

  • Southeast Region

    • Boca Raton

    • Palm Beach/Miami

    • Tampa Bay/Tarpon

  • Midwest Region

    • Chicago

  • Mountain Region

    • Salt Lake City

    • Las Vegas

  • Southwest Region

    • Houston

  • Western Region

    • Bay Area;

    • Los Angeles

    • Orange County

    • Sacramento

    • San Diego

  • Pacific Northwest Region

    • Seattle


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The NHS was established to form a network of highly accomplished individuals that will collectively sustain and pass on the legacy of Hellenic heritage to future generations. Executing this vision revolves around a complement of NHS programs, assessed, approved and overseen by the NHS Program Committee. The Committee encourages NHS members to be proactive in suggesting programs that advance the NHS’ mission at the local level—tailored to meet the needs of the local community.

The shift of Greek American community demographics necessitates a focal change to address the evolving dynamics of the community. The next generation looks for a sense of “belonging” and “identity” but on terms and in ways they can connect to at their own pace—this creates opportunities and challenges.  To face those challenges, NHS programs must be tailored to meet the next generation’s needs and thus are designed to accomplish the following goals:

  • Benefit the Greek-American community, within the context of modern day family demographics and realities

  • Disseminate and celebrate Greek heritage to the public, at large in partnership with other organizations having the same mission

  • Benefit posterity

Learn more about current NHS Programs in the Programs tab.


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Membership in the National Hellenic Society is by invitation only at the behest and sponsorship of an NHS member in good standing.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Art Dimopoulos, Executive Director, at (703) 256-3180 or

Members must meet the following criteria to qualify:

  • Individuals of Hellenic descent

  • Distinguished and accomplished Hellenes in the community, professionally and otherwise

  • Demonstrated commitment to Hellenism’s values and ideals

  • Compatibility in advancing NHS’ mission and objectives

Membership Fees:

NHS prospective members pay an annual membership fee to the organization. Membership fees are a moral obligation.

  • Annual Membership:

    • $2,500

Legal & Tax Considerations:

The National Hellenic Society is incorporated in the State of Delaware as a non-stock non-profit corporation. The Society is an approved tax-exempt organization under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) and under applicable District of Columbia law and regulations.


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