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The NHS supports the development of programs benefiting the Greek American “community” as defined within a modern context.  The changes in Greek American demographics represent tremendous opportunities to help the next generation reconnect, explore and embrace their Hellenic roots and heritage.  The NHS is committed to develop meaningful, relevant and inspiring programs at the regional/chapter and the national level, tailored to meet the needs of the growing and vibrant next generation.


The Heritage America Program is a joint effort of the National Hellenic Society's Washington, DC Chapter and Manatos & Manatos, a leading public policy firm.

This program distills the salient features of the study abroad experience and delivers it on the local/regional level. This unique and proprietary program will reconnect college-aged Greek-American students with their roots, heritage, culture and Hellenic identity through the prism of the American experience. Students will learn little-known information about the rise of Greeks in America over the last 100 years. It will better enable these students to glean the elements contributed to our amalgamated Greek-American culture that came from their Hellenic background and which came from the “American Way.”

Students participating in this exciting education program will meet with Greek-Americans who have reached the pinnacle of success in America


NHS’ signature Heritage Greece Program serves as a model of change.  “Heritage Greece” is a two-week cultural and educational immersion odyssey for accomplished and highly qualified Greek American college students and first-time visitors to Greece sharing their experiences with a peer group of Greek students from NHS’ partner and host institution—the American College of Greece (ACG) in Athens.  During the Program, the students are reconnected with their cultural roots, and their ancestors’ language, history and traditions and they experience modern Greece while learning about its ancient glory.

The Program has been described as life-changing by the students and their families.  To support these personal testimonials and ensure that all aspects of Heritage Greece yield the desired objectives, the NHS has undertaken a scientific research study since the launch of the Program in 2009.  The research study tracks the Program’s effectiveness in creating a strong sense of identity and belonging that will forever shape perceptions, attitudes and build lifelong bonds.

The experience doesn’t end when the students return, but rather it continues as the NHS plays a role in the lives of the students by mentoring and advising them through the Heritage Greece Alumni Network. In turn, the students stay connected with one another and engaged in other NHS’ Programs, allowing them to become true ambassadors of Hellenic heritage and culture.


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